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The Machines
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Though the Berliner Co. (and their successor companies G&T, HMV in the UK, Victor in the USA, Deutsche Grammophon and Gramophon Compagnie Francaise) defined the development of the music industry in the late 1890's and early 1900's, and laid the basis of the entertainment industry as we know it today, their machines in the 1899-1904 period were functional and well made. Zonophone took (literally) the philosophy of Berliner and related companies, and added a large dose of aesthetisism & design to the talking machine. After the 'Zonophone' experience Berliner and related companies' machines seemed to develop a greater design conciousness, realising that machines could be made in different styles to fit the decor of the different strata of society.

We aim to gather here an overview of all early models. The USA models are fairly standard, however the styles of the European Zonophones are a bit of an unknown, and there's not a lot of literature to help one out on this specific model line.

Zonophone Style A - Glass Sides

Zonophone Style A - Ebonised with Stand

Style A with early zonophone motor type with beadplate inscribed with English & Russian writing. However it has a support arm connected directly on the cabinet. The cabinet is ebonised with a Zonophone transfer at the rear. It sits on a decorative stand. More than likely European?








More pictures of this type of machine at ROMFI (item# 5924)
Music Reproduction > Phonograph-Disk > Zonophone

  Zonophone Style B

Zonophone Style C

Zonophone Style D

Zonophone London Grand - Glass Sides European

Similar to the Style A, also having 2 bevelled glass sides. The case is however larger than the Style A, and it has a 9 inch turntable. Literature usually shows this model having a 30 inch horn with a fancy cast travelling arm with an extra support rod.

(Still in German Catalog 1905 as Zonophon Concert No.75)

More pictures of this type of machine at ROMFI (item# 5928)
Music Reproduction > Phonograph-Disk > Zonophone

  Zonophone Concert Grand (Early Version)
Zonophone Home (1st Version)

Zonophone Parlour

Zonophone Concert (Early Model)

Zonophone Grand

Zonophone Concert Grand

Zonophone Grand Opera
Zonophone Fluted Base (Europe)

Zonophone Concert (Later Model)

  Zonophone Coin Operated (France)

Zonophone Home (2nd Version)

The later Home had a much simplified case compared to the earlier Home. Particularly the bottom trim is much simpler.


Zonophone Tall Case & Side Start (Larger model France) {under restoration!}
Zonophone France seemed to have produced some unique machines. This model has a complicated marquetry design on the sides of various woods with walnut panels, and very decorative molding. The motor is a design different from what one usually sees .


Strangely the Zon-o-phone transfer "Patents in most important countries INTERNATIONAL ZONOPHONE COMPANY" is in English?

Zonophone Tall Case & Side Start (Smaller model France) {under restoration!}
Zonophone Home (USA)

Zonophon No 25N (Europe)

Zonophon Concert No 65 (Europe)

Available in Mahogany or Ebonized case, with the English and Cyrillic (Russian) Zonophone name on the bedplate. Not a frequently found machine.


Zonophon Luxus No 50 (Europe)

Zonophon Concert No 75 (Europe)

Very similar to the Zonophone London Grand (see above)


Zonophon Concert No 90 (Europe)

Oak Cabinet. 10 inch turntable and 75 cm brass horn. Plays 9 minutes with 1 winding. Smooth metal Bedplate. The word Zonophone is inlayed on both sides, and the decal says

Patented in all Countries

Zonophon Luxus Concert No 90M (Europe)

Zonophon Grand Opera Luxus No 110 (Europe)

The absolute pinnacle of Zonophone case design,
this decorative machine was the highest priced
Zonophone machine of its time on the European

  Zonophon Apollo I (Europe)
  Zonophon Apollo II (Europe)
  Zonophone Model II (Europe)
Zonophone Concert (Tone Arm)

Nr 3

9 inch turntable

Nr 4

Looks similar, but probably not zonophone? No markings / names on cabinet or motor. Metal baseplate very decorative.

It is a Lyrophone