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Here are links to other sites of interest. We will gladly include a link to your site here, just contributed to our registry endeavour
Reference Sites The mother of all registries / repositories
Collector Sites  
 Friedhelm's Grammophone Homepage  A fine European disc & cylinder machine collection
Dealer Sites  
Phonopassion  Leading european dealer in 78 records and historical recordings
Patrick De Caluwé  An important European dealer from Belgium ('Verkoop' means 'For Sale')
Essential Literature  

The Talking Machine Compendium

(& other books by Fabrizio and Paul)

Excellent, informative and well illustrated book covering the years 1877-1929. The story of recorded sound told through informative text and over 500 full-color pictures of antique phonographs. Most models are shown and described. Winner of a 1998 Association for Recorded Sound Collections Award for Excellence
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