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The Records  

Zonophone like the Berliner Companies tried to engage the best singers of the day to record for them. One of their biggest coups was 3 recordings by Caruso in 1903, after he had recorded for Victor/Berliner, but before he signed an exclusive contract early in 1904.

The diversity of their record labels is also quite confusing and we hope to use this site to try & bring a heightened order here as well. Particularly in Europe, 'Zonophone Records' had a fairly long life span as as a vehicle for the Grammophone company (After absorbing Zonophone in 1903) to market the more cheaper / popular line of record.

Here are some examples of Labels

Zonophone Record - c.1908 - Black Label with Gold Writing 'Disque Pour Zonophone'

(one can see the "made for Gramophone & Typewriter" on the label)

Zonophone Record - c.1910 - Green Label with Gold Writing


Zonophone Record - 1911 - George V Coronation Record

Zonophone Record (Record Label 78 rpm+) - 1914 - White label 'Vaterländische Zonophon Aufnahme