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Reproducers & Logo's
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The reproducer was perhaps the most important component of the machine as it was through the constellation of needle holder & membrane that the sound was produced.

The logo's on the various machines evolved together with the growth of the company. The 'Nipper' logo was a huge coup for the company, and replaced an intermediary attempt at a logo which was a recording angel.


Kämmer & Reinhard Berliner 'Toy' machine Reproducer: 1st Style




Kämmer & Reinhard Berliner 'Toy' machine Reproducer: 2ndt Style

  Berliner Hand Wind Machine Reproducer

Clark-Johnson Reproducer

Eldridge R. Johnson Reproducer

  Concert Reproducer

Exhibition Reproducer

Gramophone Company ? Please let us know if you have info on this style reproducer

Berliner Gramophone / National Gramophone Co. Trademark, around 1896

Recording Angel Trademark, used on many European machines (often impressed on a circular Celluloid disc). Used untill about 1907. It is not uncommon however to see both the Recording Angel, as well as the Dog logo on Continental machines from 1903-1907.
1900 - 1907 in United Kingdom & Europe. 'Typewriter' branch of the business ceased in 1907.
This Logo was used around 1908-1910 in England as well as other European Countries

First Style French Logo (until ca 1903)
Second Style French Logo (1903-1908?)

Logo on German Gramophones until 1914
Round Transfer used on both Cases & Horns in Germany. On cases until around 1908, and on horns until around 1914. It was not unusual to encounter a combination of 2 or 3 different logo's, eg. GRAMMOPHON and the circular transfer.